Heritage Consultancy

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I describe myself as a very experienced archaeologist with a particular interest in using this knowledge to produce effective reduction of the construction impacts on surviving heritage remains, both above and below ground.

I see past records as an essential tool in gaining an understanding of what might survive, before the processes of development affect it.

I support development which has taken care to avoid harm to archaeological and architectural features, and hope to assist developers achieve that goal.

My specialisms include:

    • Identification during site visits of archaeological remains surviving as surface features

    • Recognition of the significance of remains

    • Understanding of the potential impacts of planning proposals

    • The ability to work with clients and heritage professionals to reduce adverse impacts

    • Production of well-constructed clear integrated reports which make careful use of historical documents and a range of multiple other sources

    • An understanding of the concerns of land-owners

I have been a field archaeologist for more than 40 years, with a career that gradually evolved from archaeological excavation, by way of more pressured archaeological monitoring and recording of commercial developments and pipelines, to the assessment of proposed development sites before applications were submitted. In February 2011 I took the step to self-employment and I now offer my experience, expertise and diligent approach to companies and private individuals.

I anticipate continuing involvement in development and redevelopment proposals - such as residential planning applications, farm-related applications, and building conversions - but I also have experience with supermarkets, quarries, and UK pipeline schemes. I look forward also to undertaking further mitigation schemes and using my experience of scheduled monument consent applications and heritage statements to assist companies and individuals.

Surviving archaeological remains are a significant constraint on development and I aim to guide your development proposals to an outcome acceptable to planners, heritage professionals, and yourself. This requires a combination of detailed research to establish the archaeological and planning context, liaison with appropriate parties to discuss options, and carefully written reports to present acceptable schemes for planning determination.

A related aspect of my business is 'Your Place in the Past' - using detailed research of numerous types of archaeological, historical and other resources to construct an account of how any plot of land has been adapted and used. This service is directed at individual land-owners, mostly private. In its most detailed form it can provide a basis for use in future planning applications as well as informing the curious owner.

Please read on - and email me geoff.tann@gmail.com.