Watercolours of unlocated windmills

Can you help?
I obtained a group of original watercolours from a Lincoln auction sale, mostly of windmills but with two scenes of old buildings re-used. Some of the paintings are signed 'G Coldron' and there is probably a Lincolnshire connection to the artist if not also the mills. 
From online searches I have identified a George William Coldron, born in Lincoln in 1882, who is recorded as an iron worker and prize-fighter. This attribution seems perhaps unlikely but the artist could be related. None of the paintings are dated but the signature on one may be in ballpoint pen, indicating a 20th century date.
I should like to identify the various mills and buildings, and I'm listing them here in case any site visitors can suggest locations or information about the artist.
Online sources note the sale of a group of 18 watercolours with the same name, and a separate group of two, in recent years. 
Mark Berry (www.windmillworld.com) has offered several identifications and these are used in the captions, labelled 'MB'. Mark notes artistic licence with the Cley next the Sea mill illustrations (7 and 12) and this may make identification of others difficult.
Further suggested identifications have been contributed by Duncan Breckels (http://www.millsresearch.org.uk/). These have been added to the captions, labelled 'DB'.
Please email me on geoff.tann@gmail.com if you may be able to add anything!  

The original illustrations are now offered for sale £7.50 each including postage and packing.

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